First half profits a mixed bag

Although expectations weren't high going into the first-half profit reporting season, the results generally provide more comfort for the optimists than the pessimists. Every six months, Wren Advisers collects and collates profit data from a sample of nearly 200 companies to assess the overall health of the Australian corporate sector. Our latest … [Read More...]


Global funds prefer US, European stocks

The latest Wren Advisers Portfolio Poll shows that global equities fund managers still have a strong preference for U.S. and European stocks. The average U.S. weighting of 50.2 per cent in the June quarter is close to a record high and around 2 percentage points above the neutral benchmark. Continental Europe is also a favoured destination with an … [Read More...]


Company profits surprise on the upside

The latest profit reporting season has now drawn to a close and investors have generally given the announcements a big thumbs up. For the 180 companies in our database, the headline numbers are encouraging with sales growth the strongest it has been since June 2011 and net profits up 10.1% on last year. Earnings per share, the number that stock … [Read More...]

2014 08 17 - business_people

Small business CGT concessions

The capital gains tax concessions available to small business owners are generous but they can be complex. The small business capital gains tax (CGT) cap is a lifetime indexed amount which is available to eligible businesses which dispose of a qualifying business asset. For the 2014-15 financial year this limit is $1.355 million. The CGT cap … [Read More...]


Super contribution limits 2014-15

Australia has had limits on superannuation contributions since 1 July 2007. These fall into two broad categories: concessional and non-concessional. Concessional contributions are before-tax contributions that form part of the fund’s assessable income. Examples include super guarantee (SG) contributions, salary sacrifice contributions, personal … [Read More...]

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