Seeking advice on redundancy is critical


As businesses continue to cut costs and close under-performing operations, the number of people being retrenched or offered voluntary redundancy is on the rise. While this can be extremely stressful for employees and their families, the good news is that there are several planning strategies which are potentially useful in this area. It is therefore worth exploring your options before you leave … [Continue reading]

Accessing your super benefits


The money in your superannuation account is intended for your retirement and generally can’t be accessed until certain legal conditions are met. If you are seeking to access your super, the three things you need to focus on are (i) the type of … [Continue reading]

Hollowing out of Australian industry


The strong Australian dollar and high operating costs are taking their toll on Australian industry. So far this year, we have catalogued 36 major job loss announcements. The layoffs are especially prevalent in the manufacturing sector which is … [Continue reading]

Contractor or employee?


Not so long ago, it was common to hear stories about workers quitting their job, forming a company and being hired back as a contractor at an exorbitant hourly rate. But lower personal tax rates and legal changes to stop the alienation of Personal … [Continue reading]

Super contribution limits for 2013-14


Australia has had super contribution limits since 1 July 2007. These limits or contribution caps fall into two categories: concessional and non-concessional. Concessional contributions are before-tax contributions that form part of the fund’s … [Continue reading]

Company profits remain subdued


The latest Wren Advisers survey of company profits shows that most businesses are struggling to achieve even modest earnings growth. Of the 143 ASX-listed companies that have reported their results in August, median sales growth is just 4.7% and net … [Continue reading]

Global fund managers positive on the US


The latest Wren Advisers portfolio poll shows that global fund managers are increasingly optimistic about the outlook for U.S. shares. The average weighting is now at a ten-year high of 50.5%, nearly 4% above the neutral benchmark. Although recent … [Continue reading]

Worrying trends in latest profit results


With the latest profit reporting season now over, apart from a few stragglers who haven't managed to file their accounts yet, it's a good opportunity to examine some of the broader trends taking place in corporate Australia. On the surface, the … [Continue reading]

NAB’s ‘pioneering’ Money Tracker


Earlier today, National Australia Bank (NAB) issued a media release promoting its new 'pioneering' online personal finance analyser Money Tracker. According to the bank, the software is a 'free, self-service money management tool that takes all of … [Continue reading]

Should job cuts start at the top?


It's less than a month into 2013 and the stream of job-cutting announcements shows no signs of letting up. Boral (BLD) is planning to cut more than two thousand jobs including 700 positions in Australia; there are unconfirmed reports that QBE … [Continue reading]