ASX: It’s not just for shares

ASX: It's not just for sharesAs investors become more aware of different investment opportunities, the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has steadily expanded the range of funds and assets that it is prepared to list.

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) are just like conventional managed funds except that you can buy and sell them directly on the ASX and hold them in your broking account rather than via a wrap platform or master trust. There are currently 90 ETFs on the stock market which can provide investors with exposure to international shares (including emerging markets), international and domestic bonds, gold, silver, crude oil, grains and even currencies.

Some of the more popular ones are listed below.

ASX Code
Fees (%pa)
iShares S&P Global 100IOO0.40Six-monthly
iShares S&P Asia 50IAA0.50Quarterly
iShares S&P 500IVV0.09Six-monthly
iShares MSCI Emerging MarketsIEM0.67Six-monthly
iShares MSCI BRICIBK0.67Six-monthly
iShares MSCI TaiwanITW0.59Six-monthly
iShares MSCI South KoreaIKO0.59Six-monthly
iShares MSCI China 25IZZ0.72Quarterly
iShares UBS Composite BondIAF0.24Quarterly
iShares UBS TreasuryIGB0.26Quarterly
iShares UBS Government InflationILB0.26Quarterly
Vanguard Aust Fixed InterestVAF0.20Quarterly
Vanguard Aust Government BondVGB0.20Quarterly
Vanguard Aust Shares High YieldVHY0.25Quarterly
Vanguard Aust Large CompaniesVLC0.20Quarterly
Vanguard Aust Small CompaniesVSO0.30Six-monthly

  • ETFfan

    I think this table is helpful but you should have added some of the State Street SPDRs to the list. For example, the SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Fund, the SPDR S&P/ASX Australian Government Bond Fund and the SPDR S&P/ASX 200 Listed Property Fund, etc. I think there are about ten of them all up.

  • stock exchange Australia

    ETF’s are becoming more and more popular on the Australian market. With the huge list of ETF’s available, thank you for the table, quite helpful actually.